The DREAM Process:

  • D — Dare to
  • R — Realize
  • E — EVERY
  • A — Aspect of your
  • M — Money

Time spent with a trained coach or guide that will facilitate – DARE clients to DREAMBIG.

Enter into an exercise where the client ponders what money REALLY means to them…“Financial security,” “early retirement,” and “more vacations” are not the complete answers. They are only part of the answers.

Financial security is a great goal, but what does it really mean for the client – is it the freedom to choose not to work, is it a net worth of $1 or $5 million? What does early retirement look and feel like – what will they be doing and how will they continue to grow? Does more vacation mean two months in Tuscany or a week each quarter in Florida—or a world cruise?

Why earn, manage, fret and lament over money if you don't know why you want it in the first place?

When you're ready to know